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Год основанияN/A
Интернет сайтhttps://www.bossswap.finance/
Объем торгов за 24 часа на бирже Bossswap составляет $0.000000 (0.000000 BTC). Bossswap была основана в N/A и расположена в N/A.

Boss Swap is a unique dex on the Harmony Protocol. Like all other DEX's there is the common functionality of swaps, exchanages, liquidity pools and yield farming. NFTs and games are our current focus.

#валютапараЦенаОбъем (24 часа)обновленный

hey #bossarmy!
our developer and project leader bossbaby hinted today in our #discord that we might get a teaser of #thesettlersofharmony soon. stay tuned and join our discord to not miss any news! $boss #community #DeFi

hey #Bossarmy
its time to start unlocking your $boss if you want to. go to http://bossswap.finance and click that fresh NEW "unlock" button!
#harmony #DeFi #keepbuilding

Just your weekly announcement about #BossFall

#Leaderboards have been reset

#CryptoAirdrop will be distributed later this evening

#HappyMonday - May you have an incredible week both in crypto and out

Only on #HarmonyProtocol

#Defi #Gamefi #BossCommunityIsBest

hey #bossarmy!
We continue to build. We continue to work. Just know that in these more often than not red days, we are still here.
thanks for sticking to and with us! we keep on grinding!
have a nice sunday!
#community $boss

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