Объем (24 часа)$71,738,409.15
1,271.37 BTC
СтранаUnited Arab Emirates
Год основания2018
Объем торгов за 24 часа на бирже Btse составляет $71,738,409.15 (1,271.37 BTC). Btse была основана в 2018 и расположена в United Arab Emirates.

BTSE is your Bitcoin futures exchange to trade with confidence and ease. BTSE‘s mission is to make institutional-grade security and stability available to every crypto trader. BTSE’s platform is built to facilitate reliable 24/7 trading. It uses an extremely powerful matching engine that eliminates the risk of system overloads, as well as horizontal scaling which enables BTSE to do hot upgrades with zero downtime. BTSE’s insurance fund, strict security protocols, and self-hosted servers allow for the highest level of security for our traders.

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Great news! We have Live AMA with BTSE today! Our CEO Andrew Grachev will discuss our plans and future vision of the project. Join us to find out more details! Don’t miss and enter to BTSE telegram group https://t.me/btsecom at 2 p.m. TODAY!
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To mark the launch of $FLy token, BTSE will offer $100,000 in FLy token value for sale at a 50% discount off the market price.

Learn more: https://blog.btse.com/btse-announces-fly-token/

BTSE Live AMA with @FrankLinYield!

Tomorrow, we will be hosting Andrei Grachev, CEO of @vrmtrade in a live AMA session.

Date: Tuesday, 20th April. 2 PM (UTC)

Venue: http://t.me/btsecom

The 10 best questions from the AMA will be rewarded with 250 $FLy tokens each!

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