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Hopefully soon in 2021 we will do the other great event, or our favorite Blockchain Cruise.
Until then, let’s keep in touch online, cooperate, communicate here in chat. Support each other and make business, despite any crises.
Take Care!

Dear friends!
Unfortunately. We have to cancel the event in Turkey on September 25-28.
The Corona lockdown made this organization very complicated, and we really really tried our best...
And we miss you all so much, we miss our events and gatherings of crypto people. But...

The next guest of our Let’s Talk Business Show - Tone Vays (@ToneVays).

The greatest expert and one of CoinsBank's favorite speakers, who has been at most of our events since 2016.

We speak about #DeFi, #crypto future, #bitcoin and more.


In this chat with the @CoinsBank folks, I talk about the massive growth of #BinanceFutures, our upcoming #BinanceCard and I do everything in my power to evade having to make a #bitcoin price prediction. https://youtu.be/0GAOTWTLqwY

We had a really exciting conversation with Joshua Goodbody(@JoshGoodbody), Director for Growth & Institutional Business at @binance. The latest news from #Binance, DeFi, booming price of #bitcoin, and predictions for the future...

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