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$ECC lands @RugDocIO & @0xPaladinSec as new strategic security advisors.

This collaboration will bring increased security focus to the protocols $ECC treasury invests in, also giving projects who use our Launchpad access to security tools and features


$ECC will be hosted by SatoshiStreetBets for a live AMA tomorrow, Jan 11th at 3:00 PM CT! We will be discussing in depth our plans for the future at $ECC, as well as the vast amount of benefits that being part of our community entails. We look forward to seeing you there! #ECC

As a Director of ECC New Zealand Limited, the CeFi investment vehicle for @EmpireCapital_, I have just been informed that our business number has now been approved. We now have all of the infrastructure to start to make CeFi investments happen. #CeFi #DeFi #businessfriendlyNZ

$ECC has just added $LUNA & $UST - @terra_money to our investment portfolio & strategies

We will also be staking the $UST on anchor protocol for 20% APR

The yields earned from our investment & stake in $LUNA & $UST will be used to buy back $ECC.

Medium article to come shortly.

Less than two weeks from $ECC's $TAROT investment & we're approaching a x4 already!

Very happy to be able to capitialise on some great momentum on #Fantom with xTAROT staking bringing an extra 26% APR in $TAROT & nearly 12% in $FTM on top 🔥📈

Yields earned will buy back $ECC

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