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– Knockout Stage: 16th-Finals | #Era7WCTS2 Review –

✅ The most commonly used race combination was Inferno & Frozen Necropolis, accounting for 15.8 % of the total 14 race combinations🧐

More: http://bit.ly/3VsgXn3

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💧Announcing the 2nd integration campaign with Binance Account Bound (BAB) Token holders, with a universal entry to 250,000 $iZi tokens!

❗️We've also piled up the prize stack and added additional 50,000 $iZi for a bonus raffle.🎁

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If you're a #BAB token holder, get set for sweeping incentives across the #BNBChain ecosystem.

Below, we highlight the twelve protocols who are looking to reward users with a myriad of offerings.

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