Обменное имяLocalTrade
Объем (24 часа)$1,387,611.87
23.94 BTC
Год основания2017
Интернет сайтhttps://localtrade.cc/
Объем торгов за 24 часа на бирже Localtrade составляет $1,387,611.87 (23.94 BTC). Localtrade была основана в 2017 и расположена в Lithuania.

LocalTrade is a centralized crypto exchange with Ukrainian roots. We are the place where stories of successful projects and professional traders begin! Our aim is to make crypto products simple enough to be accessible even to people who use crypto for the first time in their life. At the same time, we make sure to include advanced features for the delight of the crypto-connoisseur audience.

#валютапараЦенаОбъем (24 часа)обновленный
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