Объем (24 часа) $1,833,096.84
28.99 BTC
СтранаBritish Virgin Islands
Год основания2020
Сайт https://loopring.io
Объем торгов за 24 часа на бирже Loopring составляет $1,833,096.84 (28.99 BTC). Loopring была основана в 2020 и расположена в British Virgin Islands.

# валюта пара Цена Объем (24 часа) Обновлено

Tomorrow, Coinbase goes public. A watershed moment for mainstream investors/attention. Coinbase has done *lots* for the industry 👏

Now imagine a ~Coinbase-style co., with a retail-friendly, scalable DEX, mobile smart wallet & protocol. All non-custodial & secured by Ethereum 🪐

Quite cool and honored to see "Loopring dominance" on http://l2beat.com 🐲

Never did we imagine we'd be leading something as critical as scaling Ethereum 🙏

While we want this % to rise, we are OK if it shrinks relatively, & explodes higher absolutely during L2 spring 🚀

WIP10: Propose to list $LRC
To expand the scale of high-quality assets on the Ethereum mainnet.💪
Looking forward to build a DeFi ecosystem and prosperity with @loopringorg 🥰

While on @loopringorg Exchange - you have lots of options available

You can participate in AMM Liquidity Providing
(earn APY from fees)

You can swap to other tokens

You can transfer to friends/other wallets

All of this is "gas-free" while your funds remain on the 2nd Layer

Create your Loopring layer-1 smart wallet when the gas price is low. A social recovery wallet on Ethereum main-net (the best settlement layer) will be as valuable as an account in central banks or SWIFT. Get one before it is too expensive.

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