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Mars Swap provides liquidity between Mars Stablecoin and all the other tokens, making USDM the ideal medium of exchange and store of value for DeFi. The incurred transaction fees generated at Mars Swap are used to back the stability of Mars Stablecoin.

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🥳We are proud to announce

🚀#MarsEcosystem's 2nd IHO of @InfinityParking is Coming 2 days before the launch of Parking Game.

📢#InfinityParking Game is estimated to launch during 20th to 22th Jan.

🤗Thanks for supporting us! & Stay tuned!

#marsIHO #infinityparking

Stake $TMT - $USDm to earn $XMS farm is Online Now!

💸Get #USDm with $BUSD:
💸Start to earn:

Let us know in the comments which project you would like to see us cooperate with next? 🤩

More rewards on the way...


📣TopGoal has just launched liquid pool of $TMT/BUSD pair on Mars Ecosystem.

Let's stake TMT-USDm LP to earn XMS at 13:00 UTC today!

TopGoal & Mars Collab and Take on the DeFi Sector: http://bit.ly/3tiQ5Ld
#USDmars #GameFi #BSC #MarsEcosystem #topgoal

Here comes #MarsEcosystem Weekly Report #20 (3rd Jan.- 9th Jan.)

Mars Ecosystem will maintain weekly updates to share the progress with all community members with maximum transparency.

📍Dapp: http://app.marsecosystem.com

📙Read the details: https://link.medium.com/A35QNitQHmb


#MarsEcosystem x @TopGoal_NFT Farm will be launched TMR!
👊We're negotiating cooperation with other protocols as well to bring more use cases for #USDm
💎Stake:USDm-TMT MarsSwap LP token to earn XMS
🕐13:00 UTC 11th Jan

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