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Mars Swap provides liquidity between Mars Stablecoin and all the other tokens, making USDM the ideal medium of exchange and store of value for DeFi. The incurred transaction fees generated at Mars Swap are used to back the stability of Mars Stablecoin.

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Dear hitchhikers,
💫Just wanna keep you updated. Our dev team is doing a series of research🔬 and business analysis📖 on lending products, and we expect to share our progress before mid-December🗓️.
Thank you for your patience and support, please stay tuned with us!.🔎

Based on feedback from our community, we have conducted research🔎 on new products that can generate more revenue💴for Mars Ecosystem such as lending and derivatives. We have formed a draft for 🆕new products, and we will share them with our community after initial validations.👻


1️⃣ Feedback on Libra and team response
2️⃣ Time to roll out the draft of DAO governance

Cmt below and let us know ur thoughts!

More Details👇👇👇

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