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"If you accumulate enough power, you will be corrupted."

@dieguito from @RSKsmart explains why centralized currencies will ALWAYS be corrupted.

Is decentralization the solution?

Full Video:

"The FTX story flips the question: Why should people trust their money to a third party if they don’t have to?"


Are you in Argentina 🇦🇷?

Sovryn's very own @EdanYago is presenting a workshop on HOW to use Zero at @EspacioBitcoin in Buenos Aires!

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It seems likely that tether once was or still is an unbacked ponzi.

This is why we need to be building and encouraging use of censorship resistant Bitcoin collateralized stablecoins.

"As far as we know @blockstream are not using secure elements..." says @SDLerner of @RSKSmart

Which is the Best Bitcoin Sidechain?🤔

Full Video here:

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