Sushiswap (Arbitrum Nova)
Sushiswap (Arbitrum Nova)
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Обменное имяSushiswap (Arbitrum Nova)
Объем (24 часа)$143,210.68
2.47 BTC
Год основания2022
Интернет сайт
Объем торгов за 24 часа на бирже Sushiswap_arbitrum_nova составляет $143,210.68 (2.47 BTC). Sushiswap_arbitrum_nova была основана в 2022 и расположена в N/A.

#валютапараЦенаОбъем (24 часа)обновленный

🔎 Let's explore our new and improved Sushi 2.0 UI!

🖥 Sushi 2.0 UI in its first phase features a revamped look to improve the experience for our users with swaps, liquidity management, staking and analytics.

👇🏼 In the next few days we will go over the pages together.

The word is out, Sushi is Live on @kava_platform! 🎉

We are proud to present our most popular and used products on Kava: The Trident (AMM) and BentoBox (Vault) are live now!

📕 Read about the partnership here:

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