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Год основания2020
Объем торгов за 24 часа на бирже Swapr составляет $0.000000 (0.000000 BTC). Swapr была основана в 2020 и расположена в N/A.

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DXdao is officially deploying on @arbitrum! 🎉

A signal proposal passed authorizing:

- A DXdao governance base with DXvote;
- The deployment of @SwaprEth, and;
- A $2.25m working capital commitment to Arbitrum one.

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A proposal setting the Swapr.eth ENS to the IPFS content hash containing Beta 1 version of Swapr has just passed. DIY farming, Eco-routing, and much more are now accessible on both mainnet and @xdaichain.

English: Swapr Beta is here! 🥳

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DXdao has been preparing for its upcoming launches in May.

The May Month in Review covers:
- @SwaprEth's Beta launch
- @Omen_eth's Guild and token updates
- DXD Buyback status and guide
- DXdao treasury diversification
- Much more!

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5/7 When it comes to swapping on #xDai you should check out @SwaprEth AMM with eco-router that works similar to an aggregator - always giving you the best possible price⚡

Swapr is deployed by the @Dxdao_, same as innovative decentralized predictions market @Omen_eth🔮

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