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Thorus Swap uses the Uniswap v2 fork engine, which is very familiar and friendly to common users. The swap fee is only 0.1%, making Thorus Swap very competitive and attractive to traders. Having only 0.1% swap transaction fees makes Thorus Swap one of the least expensive, if not the cheapest way to swap trade on Avalanche Network. This gives it an important competitive edge in the market. Thorus is a one-stop-shop for all things DeFi 2.0. From farming and a dynamically backed stable coin to an innovative Launchpad structure and high yield bonds - there’s something for everyone. With a dynamically scaling Treasury it will allow for the introduction of more professional products in the future.

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📢 $MOVR & $GLMR AMA Schedule

Meet the teams behind projects building on #Moonriver & #Moonbeam

⏰9pm UTC, Jan 18th @ThorusFi $THO 👉 #GLMR

⏰9pm UTC, Jan 20th @wanswap $WASP 👉 #MOVR

Stay tuned for more updates👀

TG: https://t.me/MOVRNewsChat

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🥳We are very excited to announce the #launch of our new $GLMR Discord faucet!

As you all like our one of a kind AVAX #faucet, we're sure that you will love this one!🥰

Join #Discord and start processing transactions on @MoonbeamNetwork with #Thorus!

Thorus #farms and #staking are now open for deposit on @MoonbeamNetwork !
Rewards begin in 15 minutes!

Grab some $THO, provide #liquidity and get those high #APRs working for you!👨‍🌾

More farms coming soon!⌛️
👉 https://app.thorus.fi/farm

#DeFi #crypto #YieldFarming $GLMR

Together with the integration with @MoonbeamNetwork we've also partnered with some DEXs on #Moonbeam
@ThorusFi @ZenlinkPro @StellaSwap @Beamswapio @Solarbeamio and Dusty Dune to make your money work for you😜


Launching a new project on #Avalanche or #Moonbeam?

👉Provide #liquidity with http://thorus.fi!
✅low 0.1% swap fee for users
✅fast DEFAULT token whitelisting with logo
✅ $GLMR and $AVAX faucet for your buyers

📨DM us for details!

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