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Объем торгов за 24 часа на бирже Token_sets составляет $0.000000 (0.000000 BTC). Token_sets была основана в 2017 и расположена в N/A.

Set is a protocol that bundles crypto-assets into tokenized baskets that are programmed to automatically restructure based on any management or trading logic.

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📢 Discover trending products and categories in our revamped Explore page, now live on @tokensets.

Target your desired strategy through:
📊 Thematic Exposure (tracks a broad sector)
📈 Leverage Exposure (contains levered positions)
💰 Yield Bearing (earns yield via strategy)

We have been actively monitoring the stETH / ETH peg situation and the team has reduced the leverage on ETHMAXY, the ratio is now at 2.64x and in a healthy position.

The team will continue to monitor the volatility and will provide updates on any further changes made. https://twitter.com/LidoFinance/status/1525129266689622016


Against a backdrop of wider market turbulence, the stETH:ETH swap rate has deviated from its 1:1 peg.

At the time of writing stETH is trading at a discount of 4.2% to ETH on the main Curve pool.

Hey web3 backend devs 👋

This upcoming Sunday we'll be hosting a POAP workshop alongside the team from @SetProtocol 🚀

We'll be covering:
💻 Making your resume/portfolio stand out
💵 Web3 compensation
🧩 Salary negotiation

RSVP here 👉 https://discord.gg/9BPTPqX9?event=971508648838852679

Hoist the colours! Despite the market plunging to the depths, the crew has given no quarter by collaborating with @PonyWeb3 to “level up” Galleon with a complete brand upgrade and initiative reveal, let's dive in! 🧵below:

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