Объем (24 часа)$1,543,240.89
28.52 BTC
СтранаBritish Virgin Islands
Год основания2018
Объем торгов за 24 часа на бирже Vinex составляет $1,543,240.89 (28.52 BTC). Vinex была основана в 2018 и расположена в British Virgin Islands.

Vinex is a dynamic, fast growing next generation crypto to crypto exchange with cutting edge technology that offers: High performance trading: capability to process 500,000 orders per second Extensive APIs: support 3rd-party trading platforms and algorithmic trading bot 24/7 support Mobile support Lending Staking reward Airdrop center OTC support Top of the line Security. All trading volumes are real and verifiable. Leaderboard as Social Trading Functionality Vinex is part of Midas ecosystem (www.Midas.eco) which enables multiple blockchain support through a global network of partners. Traders can enjoy various airdrops, prizes from trading contests and free trading for special occasions throughout the year on Vinex.

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We are happy to announce that @BearnFi @bDollar_Fi
bDollar ($BDO) and sBDO (sBDO Share) have been listed on @vinexnetwork 🔥

Happy trading!

Keep your YFV (VALUE) safe and enjoy free swap fee on Vinex Network through VALUE migration.
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⚡️TOP-5 most popular companies of the previous week!

🥇@scriv_network — 56
🥈@vinexnetwork — 55
🥉@Bitcoin — 54
🏅@polypuxcom — 52
🎗@binance — 48

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⚡️Revain Platform gets four new integrations + x4 competition announcement!

🙌Now @whalesburg, @polypuxcom, @scriv_network, and @vinexnetwork users are able to read and write reviews without leaving the website.

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