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211.45 BTC
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Объем торгов за 24 часа на бирже Waves составляет $11,856,470.19 (211.45 BTC). Waves была основана в N/A и расположена в N/A.

Waves.Exchange is a hybrid cryptoasset exchange that allows users to transfer, trade, issue, and stake cryptocurrencies. The platform combines the security of decentralized systems with the features of centralized exchanges. Established in 2017 as Waves DEX, Waves.Exchange is now a standalone offering. Waves.Exchange aims to offer fast and secure trading instruments, staking opportunities, low costs, an API, mobile applications, and access to major cryptoassets and 30k+ tokens on the Waves protocol.

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⚡️http://Waves.Exchange for Android update is live!

- Minor bugs fixed.
- Improved application stability to avoid crashing.


http://Waves.Exchange Mobile team😎

⚡️http://Waves.Exchange Update 1.7.39

- Investments page design update👇
- Algorithmic trading page update👇
- Lambo Investments page update👇
- Bug fixes and improvements.

Enjoy and stay tuned!😉

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Investment in algorithmic trading was launched 2 weeks ago and has already brought impressive results! Those who invested their $USDT on April 10, now see a 10% increase in the value of their ALP tokens.

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More investment tools are coming😉

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