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Название ICO1irstcoin
Дата начала22 июля, 2019
Дата окончания11 августа, 2019
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Corporate purpose and business model 1irstcoin LLC operates one of the fastest, safest and most innovative trading sites for cryptocurrencies. We operate as a licensed financial service provider. It has long stopped being a secret that Blockchain, with its diverse applications, is about to sustainably change our global interaction and that it already has changed it in many areas. 1irstcoin makes the difference Everyone who deals-, trade and work with cryptocurrencies knows the problem: • To get the best price for your cryptocurrency, either blindly trust your broker, or you make the effort and keep an account on many exchanges • In most cases, transfer between accounts is necessary to get the best price. Such a transfer also costs extra money 1irstcoin solves the entire problem with his algorithm. By connecting and implementing the order books of leading crypto exchanges, the customer of 1irstcoin LLC always receives the best price for their cryptocurrencies. Leading crypto currency exchangers use our algorythmic application and we share half the revenue from fees with our partners. Note at all: All profits of 1irstcoin LLC are distributed to the owners of the FST token two times a year. For this purpose, special repurchase programs are being developed above the market value. The 1irst token, (short FST) • 100,000,000 Token total (max supply) • 11,000,000 Token (outstanding supply) • 69,000,000 Token (Investor first an second capital round) • 10,000,000 Token (IEO or new capital rounds) • ERC 20 Standard on Ethereum Blockchain • CMC (Coimmarketcap.com) listed • Coingecko.com listed • Listed on several exchanges, crex24.com, p2pb2b.io, exrates.com, token.store, instantbitex.com The 1irst token is not an empty promise or a bad bet on the future. The FST token is secured and backed by the value of the company, because all profits will be distributed to the owners of FST token to almost 100%. The token is more or less like an hybrid token, utility and security. There is no comparable investment with such big impulses and opportunities. Well-known investors, such as the Kritzer family from Germany, who have already developed and built up global market leaders such as Roundliner GmbH, have been on board since the first capital round and have set this unique combination as a bet on a secure future. The FST token is a perfect portfolio addition. Our FST token has been able to generate more than 1000% return on invest since its launch in march 2019. Next steps in the development Due to the possibilities given to us with the financial license, we will develop, control and launch further products for the crypto finance world. One project is already at a very advanced stage. The project is called "1irstgold.com", based on our name and the project is 100% owned by 1irstcoin LLC and will continue to be operated by ourself. In essence, this project is easy to describe. The 1irstgold token will embody one gram of gold in physical form and is physically backed by that amount of gold. The incredible will be the associated service. Customers will be able to purchase these tokens OTC (over the counter) against FIAT currency. The customer no longer requires extensive storage and can exchange his tokens for "physical gold" or cryptocurrencies, or FIAT currencies at any time. For this purpose, we cooperate with leading gold dealers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Boundless and anonymous. A physical gold shipment takes place upon return of the tokens. The customer can also personally pick up his physical gold from affiliated merchants. A global service in the trading of gold is intended by us. No more and no less. The project is already in its prelaunch phase and has already cost more than $ 670,000 in investment. We are convinced that this project can be the next unicorn and we are proud that this project belongs to the portfolio of 1irstcoin LLC. In addition to the 1irstgold project, there are already two further projects in planning and implementation. Coindex: This utility token is comparable to the 1irstgold token in the matter. Instead of being deposited with physical gold, this token will be linked to a basket of international equities which will be deposited centrally in a custody account. This allows global access to lucrative investment opportunities for every person. At the moment it is necessary to have a depot and an account to buy a tesla or google share. In addition, you can not currently purchase these shares with crypto currencies. these problems will be solved by coindex token globally. Tradable 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The invested capital is available at any time and at any place. In addition to these projects, we are currently developing a so-called stable token, based on the US tether, but on a Euro basis. This token is intended to facilitate payments for affiliated companies and individuals. Already there are more than 100 requests for cooperation at this level. The FSCO (1irstStableCOin) is especially designed to support entrepreneurs and traders in their import and export activities. The FSCO can be exchanged in every FIAT, as well as in BTC and ETH in our own application on our website. The reference is 1: 1 on the euro. Low transaction costs of less than 0.01% appeal especially to commercial traders. Closing words With 1irstcoin we want to close a gap in the crypto currency market. There are already many stock exchanges that are doing a good job, but there is no place that unites these good jobs. That's why we look a bit like google for the crypto industry. On the contrary, we do not bother anyone, on the contrary, the stock markets profit through us, just as the traders advertise on google. On top of that, we give our clients a clear arbitrage advantage, which otherwise was reserved only for professionals. Whether as a customer of our crypto currency exchange, or as the owner of our token, with us you are setting the future. Nobody will doubt that sooner or later cash and the associated fiat currencies will disappear from the planet. Just like the dinosaurs, only faster. The blockchain makes everything more transparent, safer and faster and we are a part of it.

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There are many promises in the market, but there is only one real asset token. 1irstgold is different because this token connects the digital and analog world. Unique and valuable. One price and no spread. #GoldYouCanHold! #Gold #1irstgold #1irstcoin #Bitcoin #ETH #Crypto

Customers in the whole North American can purchase physical precious metals such as gold with crypto currencies and FIAT currencies and manage them securely. @1irstgold USA will trigger a revolution in this segment.

@1irstcoin #Fst #Gold #Cryptocurrency

1irstgold is the bridge between the digital and analog world...to buy physical gold with more than 85 crypto currencies...

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Цена2.8500 USDПродажа10,000,000Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестиция100 TokenРаспределение10%Собрано$7,500,000
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