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Название ICOAccess Network
Дата началаTBA
Дата окончания29 июля, 2018
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How does Access (ACX) Network empower the underserved to govern their financial future?

Proven Real-World Adoption
Access will gain instant adoption by partnering Atlas Money, a P2P agency banking platform in West Africa, with over 300 agents that visit members of their community daily to provide financial services. Atlas has over 17,000 users, who have deposited over $1.5M onto their platform and taken over 3,000 loans, with next to zero defaults. By tapping into the existing branchless infrastructure of Atlas’ Agent network, Access will become immediately exchanged and utilized.

Incentivized Development
ACX Network is an incentivized token economy controlled by network participants. A substantial portion of all Access Coin (“ACX”) is minted over time through a smart contract distributed by Decision-Making Modules voted on by the Network.

Communal Governance
A cornerstone of the ACX Network is its self-amending governance contract that allows for adaptability over time. ACX Network will strive for equitable weighing of votes so that all users may be heard.

Real World Solutions for Real World Problems
Access’ proposed Polling Module will address real-world problems and practical needs by distributing incentives through a democratic, user-driven voting process that is clearly defined.

Co-founder, CEO
Co-founder, CTO

Excited to see @JoseVFAbril at #AfricaFintechDC. If you're interested in powerful innovation to transform financial inclusion in Africa then watch @atlasmoney & @ACX_Network closely. And join us in April! https://twitter.com/JoseVFAbril/status/1092536826156498945

José V. Fernández@JoseVFAbril

Great meeting up with you today, @LelandDedalus. Looking forward to April's @AfriFintech in DC. #africafintechsummit

We Are Afrobytes. We are committed to giving #AfricanTech a global stage.
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https://youtu.be/cO87x5VP68g via @YouTube

For our New York based followers, come join Atlas at the Afrobytes Panel tomorrow, January 22nd. The panel topic: connecting the African Tech community with other global tech ecosystems. @SocialAfrobytes

This week on our podcast, @LelandDedalus talks with @JoseVFAbril about how @AtlasTogether & @ACX_Network are combining #P2P banking with a #decentralized token system to create new economic models for #financialinclusion in #Africa #blokchain #Socialimpact https://apple.co/2CmYC3H

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