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Lifestyle Banks, websites aggregators of real estate, medical organizations are ready to purchase data from various citizens sensors. It is better to create a transparent market for those who want to do this, than they will look for other ways to collect this data.

Robonomics network architect
Robotics/IoT developer

Neon is not only about DeFi, gaming & social DAOs; it enables builders from all industries to get involved & create new innovative solutions to tomorrow's problems. We are excited to watch our frens @AIRA_Robonomics demo their infra service for Robotics & IoT platform in Seoul 🇰🇷


7 years of Robonomics @AIRA_Robonomics development and XRT $xrt burn voting mechanism.
Read details : https://robonomics.network/blog/7-years-of-robonomics-development-and-burning-7-million-xrt/

📢We are happy to announce that we have started collaborating with @CrustNetwork to bring resilient data storage infrastructure to robotics and smart devices!
🤖👉Read more: https://robonomics.network/blog/robonomics-and-crust-networks-strategic-partnership/

Robonomics Workshop in Berlin: Kusama Use Cases For Your Home. Polkadot Decoded 2022 record.


@CrustNetwork and their friends from @AIRA_Robonomics / @MerkleB0t are working on some exciting use case demonstrations! Get ready for more to come! 🚀

Try it yourself: https://spot.merklebot.com/

$CRU $XRT #IPFS #decentralized #Storage

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