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For each block of transactions, Algorand randomly selects a small, one-time group of users in a safe and fair way. To protect them from attackers, the identities of these users are hidden until the block is confirmed. The size of this group remains constant as the network grows.

As the #NFT market evolves, creators must understand the critical success factors to a sustainable & enduring future.

In a new blog, Algorand CPO @paulriegle takes a deeper look at #NFTs and how the choice of #blockchain tech impacts long term success 👉 http://algo.me/4pqQ50EnRsN

Announcing Algorand’s latest protocol upgrade! Our Layer-1 Smart Contract language #TEAL is now optimized for improved #developer experience and enables faster, more efficient applications. Opening up more opportunities for devs building on #blockchain 👉 http://algo.me/w6h850EnzPb

Create a 3D gaming world connected to the Algorand #blockchain! This new solution illustrates how to use the Unity engine to create secure micro payments within a virtual environment. Check it out 👉 http://algo.me/puLm50EnsDB #BuildOnAlgorand

Nell'incontro dedicato agli NFT dal titolo "Gettoni non fungibili" avremo con noi Matteo Fedeli (direttore divisione musica @SIAE_Official) e Silvio Micali (Informatico Mit e fondatore @Algorand).

Il 14 aprile in streaming al Wired Next Fest #WNF21: https://nextfest2021.wired.it


New AlgoExplorer on @algorand!!!
* Application support: see code, global and local states, transactions and data changes
* Stats: watch price, supply, volume, velocity, account number, and more
* Just discover the rest!
@algofoundation thanks for the support!

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