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Название ICOAllchain
Дата начала12 декабря, 2017
Дата окончания09 января, 2018
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ALLCHAIN Block Chain is different from the Block Chain project in the market, ALLCHAIN project is based on traditional manufacturing revolution, dedicated to the development of Block Chain data intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0. Although the industrial development so far can be mechanized, informational manufactured. But mechanization is only the way to use the electricity or the other power to manipulate machinery and equipment to replace the manual labor to produce. Using the mechanical equipment but still need manual or animal labor to promote the production, which is “semi-mechanized”. Assembly line production refers to the working object in accordance with the scheduled process sequenced, unified speed, continuously through the various workplace to complete the corresponding processing of a form of production organization. The informational of traditional manufacturing is only remain on pure production transaction, rather than to make the information become a productive tool. ALLCHAIN combined Internet of things(IOT), Near Field Communication(NFC), Data technology(DT), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Block Chain(BC) all together to a perfect combination. It will makes the data intelligent production a reality, the production will decided by users, not the industry anymore. It will makes a ecological platform that customers drive the manufacturing industry directly. Please play your imagination, the future of all your needs, ALLCHAIN can be tailored for you.

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Dear all supporters,
We are very sorry to tell you that we have to delay the publish of iOS version due to the auditting of Apple Store. And we will release the full version of App including marketing plan as soon as possible. Thanks for your patiently waiting.

Now you can download beta version of our APP
Download link: http://www.aiabtc.com/Public/app.apk
Open source: https://github.com/ALLCHAINAIA/app-server

Hello, guys! We are gonna have our APP in this week. Besides, we will have open source code in the meanwhile. This going to be our new start. Please follow our social media, we'll continue update our progress.

Only 10 days left!📢📢
Token: AIA
ICO Phase#3: 1ETH=8100AIA
Buy with: ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Germany
Pre-ICO: November 20, 2017
Pre-ICO: December 10, 2017
ICO Start: December 26, 2017
ICO End: January 24, 2018
Official website: http://www.aiabtc.com/

Look at whats happened here? The same twitter with us? Everybody should be aware that:
Our website: http://www.aiabtc.com/

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Цена0.2051 USD Продажа346,000,000 Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/A Распределение35% СобраноUnknown
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Allchain (AIA) ICO Details & Financial Information