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All Public Art aims to create a thriving community of people who purchase and sell art with the advantages of blockchain technology.

Founder | CEO
Blockchain and Smart Contracts Engineer
CTO | Software Engineer

Featured Event: The exhibition is a dramatic manifesto that not only touches visitors with its opulent black & white pics, but also raises open questions about how we deal with the planet.

Date: November 16, 2018–June 23, 2019

Photo and Text Credit: http://www.artnet.com

Another amazing creation by artist Micheline Hess. She is such a gem in the art industry.

This 360° VR artwork can be found in our new 360°/VR section. Our content for this section is sourced from http://kuula.com, which also has other types of images in 360°/VR.

JoAnna Mitchell: "Sometimes, what I consider 2be "real art" is like a baby: u drink in pieces of d universe 4 inspiration, u wait while d idea gestates, then 1day it arrives, whether u like it or not."

Learn more about this featured artist on http://AllPublicArt.com

Featured Event: In the Greek saga, the hero Odysseus survives dangerous adventures on his odyssey and completes mysterious tasks – returning home at the end perhaps as a different person.

Date: November 15, 2018–March 3, 2019

Photo and Text Credit: http://www.artnet.com

Here’s a great post from one of the amazing artists on http://AllPublicArt.com. Our member community is growing. Join All Public Art today!

Description: "Dreams" by Luz Calderon

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