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Название ICOAlphanu
Дата начала10 июля, 2019
Дата окончания14 июля, 2019
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The growth and proliferation of Algo Trading around the world has changed the way that markets operate. In the US, over 85% of trading is now computerized1 , and even automated to the extent that traders simply key in their desired parameters to get preferred results. However, not all markets have seen this transformation. In China, over 95% of trading volumes on exchanges as big as those of the US are still done manually2 , and retail investors are still the majority. We believe it is inevitable that the Asian market will catch up to using automated tools in trading, and in the process advantage those who control access to these trading tools. Our goal is to disintermediate the large funds and corporations looking to monopolize the automated trading market, proving that more market-efficient automated trading can happen.

AlphaNu is envisioned to be a platform and marketplace which seeks to facilitate subscriptions to powerful trading algorithms created by top Wall Street developers. Our platform aims to directly enable end user trading accounts on brokerages to use the algorithms created by the top developers in the world. By eliminating prohibitive cost barriers, everyday investors will be able to use the same tools as the top performing fund managers to execute their desired trading strategies.

We are planning to create a powerful ecosystem that brings together the best developers, traders and investors. Within our proposed ecosystem, algorithm developers will be able to sell direct to traders and receive fair compensation for their work, working with the rare data sets available on our platform. Likewise, traders will no longer find themselves being front-run by large funds and can now trade on a more even playing field. Finally, through our unique revenue-sharing contracts that allow anyone to profit from the success of algorithms on our marketplace, even non-traders such as market observers will be able to benefit from the growth of this market.

The ANU Token we are introducing will be the primary mechanism that underpins our AlphaNu ecosystem. Developers will be able to stake ANU tokens for access to the trading data that we harness, instead of paying exorbitant and inaccessible fees. As our ecosystem scales, we aim to distribute value evenly to all traders, including the benefits and positive network effects of our growth.

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