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The Alphaslot Platform proposes to create a blockchain-entertainment world that connects users and stakeholders in the global gaming world. The introduction of a tokenized economy through the use of the open Alphaslot Platform will allow for new incentives and transparent verifications.
Enabled by the Alphaslot chain that allows chain interoperability and transactions, our utility token economy will kick start with its first use case in the land-based gaming business and will be followed by with other social games as well as its own digital asset marketplace.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
William Luk

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the casino industry right now, but we’re continuing to remain flexible and make decisions with the entire industry in mind. Check out what our CEO has to say in @FocusGamingNews: https://bit.ly/2Yic0Ta

I stand by my comments, entertainment value is the catch. Thanks Calvin Ayre & Stephanie Tower 🙏

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https://youtu.be/vWuFX3JjaUE via @YouTube

Enjoy our #Exclusive #interview with @treblauy a very well known #gaming consultant, COO at @alphaslot & CSO at International Alliance Systems Limited in #Macau "I think the industry is at a crossroad, even before the virus outbreak"

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