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Название ICOAmor
Дата начала02 декабря, 2017
Дата окончания02 января, 2018
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4 лет назад
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Amor ​is ​a ​decentralized ​dating ​platform ​that ​brings ​credibility ​to ​online ​dating. ​For ​years, the ​online ​quest ​for ​love ​has ​been ​plagued ​with ​bots, ​inaccurate ​profiles, ​no-shows, ghosting ​and ​online ​bullying. ​In ​this ​context, ​credibility ​is ​having ​an ​accurate ​profile, showing ​up ​to ​your ​date ​on ​time ​and ​being ​engaged ​with ​your ​date. ​Our ​thesis ​is ​that credibility ​can ​be ​increased ​in ​online ​dating ​by ​decentralizing ​decisions ​on ​credibility ​and increasing ​transparency ​with ​a ​blockchain-based ​ledger. ​This ​social ​credibility ​economy ​is fueled ​by ​the ​AMOR ​token ​built ​on ​top ​of ​the ​Ethereum ​token. ​Users ​employ ​a ​pool ​of AMOR ​tokens ​to ​reward ​credible ​users ​on ​the ​platform. ​Having ​a ​pool ​of ​AMOR ​removes the ​burden ​of ​microtransactions ​while ​allowing ​a ​granular ​feedback ​loop ​in ​the ​form ​of date ​follow-up ​questions, ​likes ​and ​unlikes. ​Awarded ​tokens ​can ​be ​burned ​to ​promote oneself ​through ​digital ​power-ups ​or ​held ​as ​a ​sign ​of ​credibility. ​This ​incentive ​structure ​is powered ​by ​Ethereum ​smart ​contracts. ​Smart ​contracts ​also ​manage ​the ​pool ​of ​tokens ​to ensure ​scarcity.

Today we've been able to make a deal with EtherDelta for getting listed at the end of the crowdsale This is subject to if we are able to sell at least 100,000 AMOR ( 1% of token supply) but we've our first exchange and we continue to work with others to get listed such as HitBtc

We have distributed bounty tokens to everyone! If you missed out on the bounty, you can buy from the market at a discount of 20% for a limited time!

If you missed out on the bounty, now is the time to buy Amor coin from the market at a 20% discount!

ETH Crowdsale Contract Address: 0xb1e2570360366f3956335632ecdea95d7b29809b

Suggested Gas Limit: 200,000

Gwei Limit: 20

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