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Guided by the rules of the web high-quality information has been lost in favor of lower forms of entertainment. Video creators and freelance journalists are forced to create generic content that will guarantee more "shares" or "likes" to attract large advertisers, diluting any relevant information. On top of that, content creators earn far less money than they should and have to split their profits with third-party providers which collect your users' data and use them for targeted advertising. We shouldn’t be subjected to such manipulative business practices just to keep in touch with our family and friends! No wonder content creators are angry! You should be angry too!!! Because you end up consuming lower quality content and your privacy is being unfairly invaded and traded. Fortunately, we have channeled our anger into something valuable: AngryToken, a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain technology that gives people the freedom to express themselves without collecting your personal data!

U-Share Manager
Front-End Junior Developer

Facebook has been down intermittently in some parts of the world all day, which is probably causing a bigger hit to revenue than any critical news report or politician's comment. https://downdetector.com/status/facebook/map/

#Slinkad and #Snipad will enable #advertiser to connect to specific creators and target their audiences. They can seek out contents that suits their target market and desplayed their campaigns alongside it. We won’t collect any data on users, no financial reason to do so.

While the actions of these #SocialMedia may be dubious, users also need to understand that they providing a free service and your datas are their main source of income, selling it to #Marketers so they can target you with #Ads.

✅ Data & Privacy 🚨 #socialmedia platforms often come under fire for how they collect and sell #data, because the companies are often deceptive about how they collect it and how it can then be used to subtly influence users.

This is why I’ve been warning about the potential privacy downsides of their plan to integrate messaging on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. Zuckerberg says they’re doing it to bring encryption across services. But it will ultimately allow Facebook to connect your identities.

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