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Arianee offers the opportunity to add a new layer of trust in the certification of goods to existing layers (paper certificates, RFIDs, holograms, etc.) – without asking a brand to set its current processes aside – by creating a certificate and allowing other parties to grant it to the original owner of a product.

Arianee adds a unique paradigm to this eternal battle against counterfeiters and pirates: from now on, the ability to verify a product’s authenticity and origin will be distributed widely to a range of stakeholders. There is no doubt that having a digital asset linked to the physical product will significantly reinforce an owner’s or potential purchaser’s trust in the authenticity of the product. Along with the respective physical asset and its physical certificate, there will be a digital asset that adds an incontrovertible layer of insurance.

Because the paradigm uses blockchain technology, the asset is published in a unique chain and is directly linked to a single physical serial number. Rather than resting solely with brands, the burden of vouching for a product’s authenticity is now shared by everybody and accessible to anyone.

It’s Clubhouse time yet again!
Later today (11:00PM CEST), our cofounder @LucJodet will be chatting about digital twins and what we mean by helping brands building a perpetual relationship.⬇️ https://bit.ly/3g59bOq

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