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Typical blockchains have several major well- known problems with data storage. These problems require new third-party protocols to be integrated on-top of existing blockchains, as fees are too high for on-chain storage to be feasible. Therefore, with typical blockchains there is always going to be a cost to access content, and content is never stored perma- nently. As the demand for data storage grows exponentially, the need for a decentralized low-cost data storage protocol that can scale is a necessity.

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CTO

📢 Exciting news from the Arweave in Asia event today!

Evolution. Decentralization. Longevity!

Let's go 👇

We just released v1.32 of ArDrive Web! 🐘👀

This update includes:

🇯🇵 Japanese localization! Browsers pointed to Japan will translate ArDrive Web into Japanese.

✅ Add a horizontal scroll to top icons when on using ArDrive Web in your mobile browser.

Happy uploading!

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