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Typical blockchains have several major well- known problems with data storage. These problems require new third-party protocols to be integrated on-top of existing blockchains, as fees are too high for on-chain storage to be feasible. Therefore, with typical blockchains there is always going to be a cost to access content, and content is never stored perma- nently. As the demand for data storage grows exponentially, the need for a decentralized low-cost data storage protocol that can scale is a necessity.

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CTO

We super excited to announce the First Ever NFT minted on #Evermore and stored completely on @ArweaveTeam and available on @opensea ! https://opensea.io/assets/0xc29a432cd0a9fa202117ed53fad040b5ccc48d35/1 #NFTs #crypto #blockchaintechnology

We just released an 800Mb #NFT 🤯

It's a 1 hour 14 minutes music live from Shimon. And it's going to stay there... forever!

Who said blockchain is not made for storage? Not @ArweaveTeam nor @samecwilliams 🔥


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