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Название ICOautoXchange
Дата начала01 октября, 2018
Дата окончания30 апреля, 2019
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1 год назад
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Blockchain technology has the ability to fundamentally transform how companies and customers interact. The functionality that it provides can revolutionize whole industries, placing the customer at the center of a transaction process. It provides the opportunity to disrupt whole sections of the economy, removing wasteful and time-consuming processes. The value of a blockchain solution is generated through solving an immediate and difficult problem. This is most evident when it speeds up transaction times and obliterates wasteful and inefficient processes and procedures. These are often generated by middle men, banks, lawyers or other intermediaries. Traditionally, their role is to hold data, provide finance, add security and satisfy legislation, which although necessary, generate huge costs. These are then passed on to the customer or the seller has to absorb them reducing their profitability. Blockchain has the ability to remove these, without compromising security or functionality. We will clearly identify the problems that will be solved through autoXchange and explain why blockchain is fundamental to removing them in the automotive industry. We will show how our solution will have dramatic and profitable benefits for all the parties involved.

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@innov8cape @BankZeroSA @Discovery_SA @Pineapple_SA Exciting times indeed. Look out for @autoXchange_io. Actively working with these guys currently to bring the offering to SA.

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#ico #automotive #cryptocurrency #autoXchange https://twitter.com/KapexProtocol/status/1063078546648846336

Meet the Team! Interview with @PhilipT62114851 , Cofounder and COO of #autoXchange!
Read it here! http://bit.ly/2K5wGEO

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Great evening at London and Partners. How to get people involved cutting through the noise and the real value of #Blockchain #education and #Innovation #autoxchange_io

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