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Название ICOBank4You
Дата начала06 ноября, 2017
Дата окончания31 марта, 2018
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Established in 2013 and headquartered in London, UK, in 2016 Bank4YOU transformed into Bank4YOU Group, an international consortium of fin-tech service companies operating within the electronic mobile payment services arena. FCA License No715451, issued by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority authorizes Bank4YOU to provide credit.

Managing director
Chief financial officer
Chief marketing officer

Bank4YOU invites everyone to test their APP http://bank4you.life/news/news/bank4you-invites-everyone-to-test-their-app/

The world's first mobile money transfer system application from Europe to Africa on the blockchain! Send money as you never did before! Test the application, get the level of expert companies and pleasant... https://www.facebook.com/Bank4YOUGroup/posts/1069960756498854

Bank4YOU customer stories http://bank4you.life/news/news/the-story-of-andrew-karabi-about-why-he-chooses-an-app-from-bank4you/

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Цена0.21 USDПродажа240,000,000Способ оплатыETH, BTC
Минимальная инвестиция100 USDРаспределение80%Собрано$8,118,550
Софт-капN/AХард-кап50 000 000 USD