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Название ICOBankorus
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Financial Planning Engine
Create financial plans and portfolios individualized to your HNWIs.
Portfolio Engine
Our Portfolio Engine provides the main portfolio analytics and feeds into bReport.
Risk Engine
Continuously monitor risk and stress-test each portfolio.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder & President
Co-Chief Investment Officer

Let’s #tokenize the world together! #Bankorus is preparing to launch our token issuance platform. Simplifying the tokenization process, making it easy to issue, manage, and transfer security tokens, all in one place.

According to a report made by Techemy Capital, the #security #token market is projected to grow to over 5 trillion USD by 2022. That's less than three years from now, and #Bankorus is already positioned at the forefront, ready to pave the way for asset transformation.

Bankorus landed in Israel to attend the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Tel Aviv. Looking forward to seeing you guys there! @Blockchain_Conf #blockchain #events

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