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Название ICOBioritmai
Дата начала30 января, 2018
Дата окончания13 февраля, 2018
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Bioritmai is a publicly available system for monitoring the state of the body and early detecting of circulatory system diseases (CSD). It belongs to the sphere of personalized medicine and is developed with the use of blockchain technology. Bioritmai is designed to struggle with one of the main causes of mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

Project head manager
General physician

Friends, we regret to inform that the company Facebook for unexplained reasons limited access of the administrator of our group in the social network. On all our arguments and supporting documents they meet the standard undelvinged in our answers and explanations.

Until the end of pre-ICO only 7 days left. Buy tokens with 55% of bonuses and contribute to the future.
https://t.me/bioritmai_En . #Bioritmai #BRM #blockchain #блокчейн

So Monday ended! The weekend became closer! The Bioritmai a team wishes everyone a good all of the week!
https://t.me/bioritmai_En . #Bioritmai #BRM #blockchain #блокчейн

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