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A revolutionary approach to traditional Mining, providing to the everyday Joe an integration into this cryptocurrency market with very low barriers, and here is where our Social Community base project presents and introduces what is known today as “Social Mining” " Rewards" an Application developed by the Bitcheke team, today available in its Beta Light version only for Android, with the intention to lure anyone to enter the cryptocurrency world motivated by a simple process and incentives awarded every day, where anyone can download “free” the application and soon in Apple Store, the App. Provides any user the ability to declare any and all expenses they have in their everyday life, declaring it manually today, just taking a picture of the declare expenses receipt or invoice and obtain a reimbursement of UPTO 40% of the total amount paid, no matter what was paid and no maמּer what form of payment was used, you are entitle to this rebate on all expenses, that is what we call Rewards by Bitcheke, the disruptive toll that will change Mining into Social Mining, to all Cryptocurrency investors and followers that are pro-environment and pro-life.

This project is designed to enhance the way people #view, understand and use cryptocurrency in their daily lives. #BCK is the gateway to cryptocurrency because of the innovative and simple to understand the #platform.

Chat room link https://t.me/btchkENG

How to collect #rewards?

To collect rewards is simple with our app.
#BitChecke is an application where you can convert all your expenses into rewards.

1. Simply download the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…
2. Register
3. Make purchases and get back up to 40% as a reward.

Renewed Whitepaper is LIVE on the http://bitcheke.com with the bunch of innovative features inside!

- The idea behind BitCheke
- New Terms and Conditions of participation
- Roadmap

And many more interesting renovations in the whitepaper 2.0


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to #BitCheke English Community!

Let's begin our journey with the very first Medium Blog Post, there are few on the way!


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Цена1 BCK = 0,7 USDПродажа100,000,000Способ оплатыETH
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