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Название ICOBitdollar Fund
Дата началаTBA
Дата окончанияTBA
СтранаCayman Islands
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Bitdollar Fund is the world’s first collectively managed fund. The investment focus of the fund is on blue-chip cryptocurrencies with a long-term investment horizon. Bitdollar Fund is tokenized (Bitdollar, or BTD) for ease of access compared to traditional fund models, and is also decentralized in that the cryptocurrency components of the fund and the percentage allocations to each will be determined by the registered holders of Bitdollar (BTD) through annual elections. The concept can also be thought of as the first worldwide cryptocurrency investment club with perfect voting rights. The primary goal of the fund is to maximize returns among blue-chip cryptocurrencies by using fundamental analysis in its investment decisions, and it is the collective knowledge of the investors of the fund that will drive returns and value in the future.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Are you bullish on Bitcoin for 2020? Check out the latest article from our founder, @NickKitcharoen, where he offers his price predictions for Bitcoin in 2020 and beyond:


http://BitdollarICO.com http://BitdollarFund.com

To decide new candidates to add to Bitdollar Fund, a 16 field tournament will occur in 2021. If it started today based on year-end 2019 mkt cap, seeding would be what you see here.

Which is better? Litecoin/NEO? Tezos/Cosmos? Others?


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Happy New Year! We wish happiness, success, and prosperity to everyone for this new year and new decade!

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Invest in Phase 1 of our token sale and secure your lifetime bonus benefits for Bitdollars purchased in Phases 2 to 7!

http://BitdollarICO.com http://BitdollarFund.com

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Code: pbie31bfrp

Details of our available rewards programs:


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Bitdollar Fund (BTD) ICO Details & Financial Information