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The BloomX app store is an initiative developed by Bloom Technologies Pte. Ltd., a crypto-remittance pioneer with operations in Singapore, the Philippines, and Australia. The app store is intended for licensed Money Services Businesses (MSBs) around the world to create new service offerings or upgrade existing services with turn-key cryptocurrency solutions. These MSBs include money transfer operators, foreign currency exchange companies, and other non-bank financial institutions.

CEO & Founder
CSO & Founder

Details of @helloluis #NFTart drop with @Jose_Delbo from our friends at @bitpinas 🇵🇭❤️🧠

@AxieInfinity has become such an important social phenomenon in the #Philippines. In the country where @YieldGuild started, there are now local solutions for buyers and sellers to exchange $SLP without @Uniswap.

Great mention for our mates at @bloomxorg and @binance! https://twitter.com/Crypto_Briefing/status/1376087634372657152

Crypto Briefing@Crypto_Briefing

The community within @YieldGuild is turning gamer guilds upside down.


Just spoke at @eccponline forum about #crypto adoption in the PH, and spent my entire slot talking about @AxieInfinity and @NarraGallery as two primary use cases that are leading growth here 🧠❤️ #nftart #blockchaingaming

I finally completed a full trade cycle (if that's how it is called) on http://Bloomx.app by @bloomxorg. From adding peso & crypto funds to trading crypto to peso & vice versa, up to withdrawal to an external account. Keen to write about it next week! https://bitpinas.com/cryptocurrency/bloomx-binance-tech-agreement/https://bitpinas.com/cryptocurrency/bloomx-binance-tech-agreement/

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Софт-капN/AХард-кап19,000,000 USD