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Название ICOBlue Chip Vision
Дата началаTBA
Дата окончанияTBA
СтранаCayman Islands
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The Blue Chip Token enhances the experience of queuing cycles that occur when people commit to joining a line to acquire a given Offered Opportunity. The Blue Chip coupled with the Opportunity Access Queue (OAQ) Module and the Autonomous Exchange Management Mechanism (AEMM) supports the process through which anyone can configure the perfect queue for any occasion. In doing so, simultaneously providing incentive, efficiency, and a Blue Chip customer base as an additional revenue stream. These technologies and platforms together form the Crypto Adoption Turbine (CAT) process. The CAT was purpose built for and harnesses the trustless and immutable properties of blockchain [3] technology to support a distributed queuing system that is easily auditable, transparent and automated. The CAT can be applied in single step or multi step recirculatory autonomy process, to an infinite number of utility cases, across an infinite number of blockchain networks. It proposes a true economic value proposition for all participants in the CATs process, the longevity of the CAT Token and the adoption of the underlying cryptocurrency associated with any chosen blockchain that can facilitate the CATs positioning.


Rizomic optimizes cost, speed, reliability, and security and ultimately provides greater and more confident sustainability. Learn more at http://rizomic.com #Rizomic #BlueChipVision #Resilient

The last time Wall Street experienced a bear market, they ran crying to the government to bail them out.

Crypto doesn’t need a government to save it, no matter how bad a bear market it experiences.

Software engineering beats financial engineering all day, every day!

The Blue Chip Vision technologies include systems, tokens and platforms designed to support the new emergent digital economy and the hardware that powers it.

BCV Holdings’ Blue Chip Token and System is a revolutionary new way to obtain a place in line to access and separately transactionally acquire any type of offered opportunity. Together this forms the Crypto Adoption Turbine (CAT) process. #BlueChipVision #Crypto #BlockChain

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