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Environmental project aimed at improving environmental conditions. The primary goal of the project is to search for solutions to the environmental problems of the planet, as well as to increase the level of awareness of people around the world in the field of ecology. Financing of interesting ecologically directed projects. Nowadays there are a lot of environmental problems, and not all of them are solved effectively. There are many different charitable foundations that are aimed at dealing with environmental problems, financing environmental projects, but transparency and control over the use of funds is not really implemented. Blockchain technology will help to create a project that can be trusted, as it provides complete and absolute transparency of all transactions.

Founder & CEO
Marketing Manager

BYTE GLOBAL IEO has started on http://bitcoinus.com.

Bonus Details

25% Bonus if the purchase value exceeds $250

Byte Global is a fund raising platform for Individual and Charity.


Welcome All. Byte Global is a Global Optimized Platform aimed at Fundraising for direct Charity, Eco-High-Tech Projects and Trade Pool for Eco-Goods and Services.

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