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Название ICOCargoConX
Дата начала21 мая, 2018
Дата окончанияTBA
СтранаUnited Kingdom
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The logistics sector – worth €2.7 trillion per year in Europe alone – has faced massive pressure in the past few years, being forced to adapt to profound changes in consumer habits, like our newfound love for online shopping. 

All the signs point to this pressure continuing to pile on, forcing companies to be forever updating their working practices, business rules, IT systems and B2B operations. Most of this behind the scenes activity – costing millions every year – is aimed at one thing: the ‘holy grail’ of efficient partnership; this means seamless communication between customers and freight carriers, seamless communication between different freight carriers, and even between different sections of the same business.

But so far this holy grail has been unobtainable. Every business in the sector has its own Apps, APIs and transaction systems, and the great majority of these are simply unable to communicate with others. To put it another way, our current logistics sector is woefully ill-equipped to meet the current and emerging challenges, making the idea of efficient partnerships little more than a pipe dream.

This is where CargoChain Solutions comes in.

Since 2017, Cargo Chain Solutions have been working on a Blockchain-logistics platform which we believe will revolutionize the global supply chain, making it extremely quick, clean and simple for logistics businesses to co-operate.

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Who is actually implementing #blockchain outside of cryptocurrency, and what are the use cases? I picked out 5 companies for this piece on @RWW
@ArcadeCityHall @Helperbit @Boeing @medical_chain @CargoConx https://twitter.com/RWW/status/1019685500788137985


5 Real Life Blockchain Implementations Outside of Cryptocurrency https://w.readwrite.com/2JzkISl

CargoConX in the news. An interview with CEO John McCaffery in the Fintech Times.


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