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Название ICOCMBT
Дата начала11 июня, 2018
Дата окончания30 июня, 2018
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2 лет назад

In all the world the cryptocurrency market is growing considerably, Brazil is still in short steps, but there are a lot of fans.

We announce the launch of our MVP Management system (FLSys - Service Management - Fleet Management - Logistics)
See the details of all products
New informations and details added soon.
CoinMarketBrasil-Connecting the World!

Within 1 or 2 days we will release the download of our ETH/ERC-20 Wallet Beta version. Several altcoins already listed and operational, offline transaction system, Password protection, key backup and recovery, authentication with physical wallets / Trezor / Ledger.

Our airdrop registration system is working 100%, all registrations already completed have been received correctly, and the new ones are being filled!
The registrations will be definitively closed on May 21, 2019 *.
Thanks 90K+ people! - [email protected]

Now we have an address in a new location in Rio De Janeiro!
Estr. da Água Grande, 399 - Irajá, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 21230-362

New member on CoinMarketBrasil team!

Michel Oliveira is Information Security Specialist,
it will be our base to improve the security in the services already in operation and the future ones.

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Цена1 CMBT = 0.94 USDПродажа24,324,325Способ оплатыETH, BTC
Минимальная инвестиция35,6 USDРаспределение37%СобраноN/A
Софт-кап3,700,000 USDХард-кап18,000,000 USD