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Дата начала08 ноября, 2019
Дата окончания08 декабря, 2019
СтранаBritish Virgin Islands
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1 год назад
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Digital asset and crypto currency currency market growth continues to grow and develop rapidly and has reached more than 10 million transactions every day with total trading according to coin marketcap to reach $ 216 billion in 24 hours where total trading providers called exchanges have totaled 20745 with as many trading coins 4000 tokens and crypto currency. This growth is growing rapidly because it is driven by increasing confidence in blockchain technology while simultaneously becoming a very promising business for the future.

Nowadays the development of digital technology grows so rapidly, especially the Blockchain Technology. It is a new technology that can be applied in all types of industries which underpin an advanced and encrypted security system as well as having excellent speed on decentralized network and is peer to peer. Blockchain is a new promising technology especially on the sector of digital banking and finance. The presence of Bitcoin as a digital currency was invented in 2007 by an unknown person or group of people using the name "SATOSHI NAKAMOTO". The first presence of Bitcoin took place in August 2008 and as time goes by, the development of cryptocurrency continues to grow so rapidly which marked by the increasing of Bitcoin's users and communities around the globe significantly until in the early 2019 the first Transaction taken place where someone purchased Pizza using Bitcoin.

Since the first transaction succeeded, the demand for Bitcoin continues to increase so that the value of Bitcoin keeps growing until today. 

Digital Marketing Evangelist

CODEO TOKEN (CODEO) in order to provide detailed reports and transparency to community members and all CODEO users. and currently we are in the supply reporting stage and are in progress at coin market.


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