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Название ICOCoinFi
Дата начала08 февраля, 2018
Дата окончания18 февраля, 2018
СтранаHong Kong
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With Bitcoin returning 370% in 2017, an arms race is coming to crypto. Wall street has already formed over 70 crypto based hedge funds in the last six months.


Its fascinating to see how token supply held on exchanges varies between different types of tokens. https://www.coinfi.com/token-metrics/supply-on-exchange #ERC20 #tokens #cryptotrading $ETH

"Timothy Tam, co-founder and CEO of CoinFi, a cryptocurrency research firm in Hong Kong, said while there wasn’t an immediate reason for the abrupt sell-off, he did notice a large transfer of about 40,000 Ether into an exchange an hour before the drop."

Bloomberg Crypto@crypto

Bitcoin declines as cryptocurrencies take a sudden lurch lower https://bloom.bg/2FlQune

Now you can sort ERC-20 Tokens based on CoinFi's Advanced Token Metrics like Supply On Exchange, Adoption, Retention, Velocity etc. https://www.coinfi.com/token-metrics/supply-on-exchange $ETH #ERC20 #tokens #cryptotrading

Looks like $USDC has had the most impressive growth rate over the last couple months, but $DAI is still leading the ERC-20 Stablecoin race! @MakerDAO @circlepay You can follow the ERC-20 Stablecoin race here: https://www.coinfi.com/research/crypto-market/erc-20-stablecoins-adoption

Nice ETH vs ERC-20 analysis by @santimentfeed https://santiment.net/blog/eth-vs-erc-20-market-cap-comparison/

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Цена0.15 USDПродажа150,000,000Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределение50%Собрано$15,000,000
Софт-капN/AХард-кап15 000 000 USD