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Current blockchain technology such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others have systemic synchronous limitations that render them unsuitable for mass adoption into the current technical architecture of distributed consumer applications. Consensus mechanisms and smart contract architecture cannot scale to a level that is required for consumer grade applications to function. We propose a fault resistant, horizontally scalable, distributed operating system that can implement full nodes as a mobile client. Therefore, we present a reformulation of cryptographically secure consensus into a modern server-less architecture using an asynchronous ExtendedTrustChain, Proof-of-Meme consensus model, smart contracts as composeable microservices using the JVM and initially implemented as an actor based finite state machine. This architecture ensures high transaction throughput, allowing for consumer grade distributed applications to be built on Constellation.

It’s hard to believe we’re already over halfway through April and heading into May! Here's what the @Conste11ation team has been up to, plus a sneak peak of what's to come 💥
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Constellation offers a unique protocol and #tokenomics that could revolutionize #blockchain as we know and understand it. Read on to learn more about #HGTP, $DAG, and what makes us so unique 👇

If you missed yesterday's #HypergraphHour with @greenheart_cbd, it's now available for viewing! The team is talking drones, nodes, $DAG, #DeFi and more.

Watch now 👀:

$CBD $LTX @LatticeExchange #GreenheartCBD #Conste11ation #blockchain

🗓️ Mark your calendars🗓️

We'll be announcing the details behind #Hypercube: The End-to-End Blockchain Business Toolkit, next Wednesday, April 28th.

More to follow - stay tuned 😉

#Conste11ation $DAG #blockchain #opensource

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