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Cortex is a decentralized AI autonomous system. The blockchain wants to make AI consensus available for contracts. Traditional EVM is not able to run a smart contract on full node with complex inference computation, since the computational load is too heavy on CPU for a full node. The Cortex VM enables those inference instructions running on GPU / FPGA. The model conversion between different framework, like TensorFlow or MXNet, would be done by the team. The fee for a contract using those inference instruction set is going to be designed for GPU / FPGA. The team will also provide a basic model zoo with world class quality. 

Blockchain Chief Engineer

Cortex Updates #72, listing some updates here

👨‍🏫Phase 1 Cortex Ambassador program has ended
🛠The Cortex mining tutorial has been updated
💎The #Cortex full node tutorial has been released on GitHub

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Cortex Project Update #71

🔎Team is doing research on #BSC, #Heco & #OKchain
🧻Cortex Whitepaper 2.0 is halfway completed
👼Angel recruitment is still available
🔺#ZKrollup updates

More updates on ML, CVM & MRT👇

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