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Название ICOCruzeo
Дата начала04 января, 2019
Дата окончания30 января, 2019
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CRUZEO is built by a team with ridesharing experience from Uber and Didi, Engineering experience at 2 unicorn tech start-ups from UC Berkeley and MIT, Financial experience from UBS and JP Morgan, and Advisors in Lead EMEA positions at Google and AWS. Riders and drivers are waiting for better alternatives. With NEO and Ontology, there is fnally a blockchain infrastructure fast and scalable enough to support CRUZEO. Building a decentralized ridesharing platform presents obstacles - obstacles that our team can overcome. While currently limited to ridesharing, we are building a universally applicable infrastructure. This opens several revenue sources to us: API Access, Community Support Fees, Anonymized Analytics and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) partnerships. The future of ridesharing is autonomous, therefore, autonomous ridesharing is our future. We plan to develop a multi-party platform, consisting of numerous AV OEMs. In this regard, we aim to be the decentralized Android of autonomous ridesharing.

Co-founder + Executive Director
Co-founder + VP of Engineering
Co-Founder + PM

Check out our proposed model of unplutocratic on-chain governance for decentralized marketplaces👇


O3 Labs (@O3_Labs) has announced that its fiat gateway has gone live. Users can now purchase $NEO directly with a Visa or MasterCard through the O3 Wallet. A one-time KYC is required to use the feature. https://neonewstoday.com/general/o3-wallet-supports-neo-purchases-with-visa-and-mastercard/

O3 Labs (@O3_Labs) has announced “improved” UX in its O3 desktop client v2.1.6, coming in the form of a new interface for the tray icon found in the notification bar, separating wallet management and dApp interactions. https://neonewstoday.com/general/o3-labs-make-ui-improvements-in-desktop-wallet-v2-1-6/

🔥 nOS Token Lock-up and Burn Event 🔥

We’re locking/burning all company tokens from the most recent vested token release of April 30 2019.

~30M NOS have been locked for a 3 year vesting period, and ~8M NOS have been burned.

👀 Article: https://medium.com/nos-io/nos-lock-up-burn-event-35971dd1fe87

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