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Название ICOCryptaur
Дата начала27 ноября, 2017
Дата окончания12 марта, 2018
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Cryptaur is a decentralized Ethereum-based ecosystem that will act as a framework for potentially unlimited number of specialized P2P services (dApps) whereby suppliers and consumers of a most diverse range of goods and services can interact directly while increasing the economic efficacy of all transactions being made within the ecosystem. The unique features of the Cryptaur ecosystem include.

This week started with good news. We are happy to inform you that the group working on the platform renewal has achieved significant success and the necessary agreements that will help the project to fulfill its current obligations and continue ... https://www.facebook.com/cryptaur/posts/1090490404785072

New website address of CPT Point project website address of CPT Point project.

For legal reasons related to domain and trademark registration we decided to move all our IT projects to our new domain http://cptpoint.net ... https://www.facebook.com/cryptaur/posts/1060337851133661

The past year has definitely made telecommuting an integral part of both personal and business communications. For you and me, this ongoing large-scale process means that the potential of our platform will grow ...

Happy 2021!

On behalf of the whole CPT Point team and of the platform's founder Dmitry Buriak, we wish you a Happy New Year! ...

#HappyNewYear #Happy2021 #сryptaur #cptpoint

Our dev team continues extending the platform's functionality, with the launch of the mobile version of our decentralized exchange becoming the next logical step ... https://www.facebook.com/cryptaur/posts/992926207874826

#сptpoint #сryptaur #PF #ETH #CPT

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