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Cryptotob is a unique investment platform that draws income from arbitration. The methodology of our work is based on many years of experience. We are characterized by o wide spectrum of arbitrations. We do not limit ourselves to cryptocurrencies because we believe that a wide investment perspective and going beyond the schemes are necessary to maximize profits. Each member of our team introduces elements that make up the backbone of our company. We are fully aware of the difficulties associated with arbitration and being aware of this, we base our actions on the LOOP and CIP calculation method (which we present below) and on our program that automates many monotonous and at the some time necessary steps in market analysis. Our program allows to reduce the human factor, which is very often on erroneous factor, and immediately reduce the costs of effective arbitration by limiting the staff of natural person.

izzz.io blockchain platform

Learn How to Do Arbitrage with AmzDoge! Earn 3% Daily in Automatic Mode with our Program!

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#NexusMutual is an integral/critical component of the #cryptoarb/#yieldfarming universe...



...#TVL now hitting $750M & targeting $1B+ next! 💪

#NXM is yet another #megamultibagger & a $19M holding for #KR1... 🚀🤑

Hugh Karp 🐢 @HughKarp

Convex MIM pool is earning ~36% yield on stables.

Full stack protection from Nexus is currently 12.25% (~6% if paid via wNXM)

Net protected yield of 23% - 30% https://twitter.com/NexusMutualBot/status/1455555134944071682

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