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Название ICOCuprum
Дата начала01 ноября, 2018
Дата окончания29 декабря, 2018
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CuprumGroup is a diversified Estonian metals mining company. The mission of the group is to accelerate the transition of extractive industry companies to innovative, operationally efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. At the moment CuprumGroup is engaged in exploration of the ore-rich area and is preparing to launch a copper mining enterprise in Russia using the method of deep and bacterial leaching. The estimated starting volume of production is from 3500 tonnes per year.

Serial entrepreneur. Founder of Cuprum
Financial manager.
Head of the Committee for Development and Technology.

We are extending private sale until September 30, enjoy the discounts on our tokens at 2$ each! ☄️💥🔥💰💵💶♨️✅ http://cuprumtoken.io #ico #cuprumtoken

Cuprum Token is a digital forward contract for copper with buyback. Each Cuprum can be exchanged for one kilogram of copper or the equivalent of value on the London Metals Exchange

Cuprum Token is doing an AIRDROP FOR 10.000 people

Digital Metal Exchange is coming.

Cuprum Token will launch the first platform of this kind. A place to trade and exchange digital metal derivatives.

We're waiting with you for the 1st of November, 2018.

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Tired of scams? Want to see an ICO with a real product? How about something in the real sector?

Visit our website and learn more about Cuprum Token.


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Maintenance complete, the servers are back online! Please accept our apologies and join Cuprum, we appreciate your support! 👌👏👍

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