Подробное описание ICO

Название ICOCycoin (PreICO)
Дата начала20 октября, 2018
Дата окончания31 января, 2019
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2 лет назад

Cycoin aims to provide new as well as established investors access to the cryptocurency investment markets with a dependable and easy mechanism to hold a pool of cryptocurrencies which will deliver an income stream, without the headache of scouring through hours of research and manual investing. Our aim is to use tried and observably low risk investment strategies to simply deliver income reward to holders of Cycoin.

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Цена2.0000 USDПродажа50,000,000Способ оплатыBTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, DASH
Минимальная инвестиция100 USDРаспределениеN/AСобраноN/A
Софт-кап200,000 USDХард-кап2,000,000 USD