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Дата начала31 мая, 2018
Дата окончания23 июля, 2018
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The DACSEE platform is a decentralized ride-sharing platform that empowers drivers to create their own autonomous ride-hailing service, take control of their data, and grow their own businesses. As well as pay their initial driver start-up fees in the form of a cryptocurrency token on the Ethereum blockchain, while processing fares from passengers with the same token or any other traditional fiat method. DACSEE’s unique social
design allows it to expand virally without assistance or control from any corporate entity. The peer-to-peer payment methods, growth system, and drivers’ ability to grow their own network of drivers and passengers allow DACSEE to spread and grow rapidly in new markets around the world, disrupting the current monopolistic competitors.

Marketing Director / Co-Founder
CFO / Co-Founder

Having the case of the "munchies" during MCO but you've emptied out your fridge? Well, that's what we're here for buddy, for all your delivery needs.

Call up your favourite snack parlours to place an order now and book our rider to fetch your delivery for you via Dacsee app!

Can you believe that CNY is coming to an end already?

Treat your family to delicious food on this special occasion and book our riders now to pick up your orders from your favourite restaurants! https://dacsee.com/#/register?ref=JF-7030036

#ChapGohMei #Chor15 #socialdistancingCNY

Feeling down ‘cause you couldn’t meet your crush during MCO? Don’t worry babe, a little online shopping may be able turn that frown upside down.

Just book Dacsee Express Car Delivery and we’ll deliver your
goods to you! Book us here now: https://dacsee.com/#/register?ref=JF-7030036

During this MCO period, e-hailing services are allowed to operate as usual. However, only a maximum of TWO passengers can be on board the vehicle per trip.

Book a ride with us now by clicking here 👉🏻 https://dacsee.com/#/register?ref=JF-7030036

Phew, 2020 sure went by in a flash. Can you believe it's January 2021 already?

Make 2021 count. And when you need a lift to make that happen, we're here to drive you buddy.

Let us drive you to your destination 👉🏻 https://dacsee.com/#/register?ref=JF-7030036

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