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The DATA project is devised to address the root of the fraud at its core. To ensure thot every participant in the ecosystem is motivated to "do good", the DATA platform applies a reward system to incentivize end users with their attention contribution and to publishers with pruning their sell-side inventory. More granular information is collected and privately encrypted into a built-in peer-to-peer data storage for sharing across the network. Because every user is made aware of varying rewards only appropriate for his/her attention consumed on ads served in games or apps. it is highly catered and more personal. Therefore a user is less inclined to reject. ignore or block advertising. The experience institutes a more intimate relation between the advertisement and its consumer.

If you accidentally send DTA(Native) from exchanges to your ETH wallet, you can find DTA(Native) back according to the following steps: https://blockchaindata.medium.com/guidance-for-finding-dta-native-token-back-947025e0e943 #Crypto #Blockchain #cryptocurrencies

Klaytn, a blockchain that will change the future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsgyuQbGZSI&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=ciccommunity
#blockchain #crypto #cryptocurrency


Ground X has released an App-to-App API to boost the adoption of BApps. Both DATA and AntNet projects participate in the test as early partners. Both projects will integrate Ground X’s App-to-App SDK. Check out this news: https://bit.ly/3oH2kg2 #crypto #BApp #blockchain $DTA

AntNet’s first AMA will be launched on 2020/09/24 19:00 (GMT+8). Our Co-Founder Jared will answer questions from the community. This AMA is cooperating with BiKi exchange @BiKiEnglish. Join our AMA here: https://t.me/BikiEnglish #crypto #blockchain #AntNet #BiKi

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