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Название ICODein Anteil
Дата начала21 октября, 2018
Дата окончания20 января, 2019
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2 лет назад
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Our vision is to create usable, efficient and sustainable global real estate service and security solutions based on innovative blockchain technology. Our solutions are aimed at everyday users, businesses of all sizes, as well as local, state and federal governments. At the same time, we want to help to create a better world for everyone, especially the underprivileged. We are strongly focused on social responsibility and philanthropy. Dein Anteil will use its influence and global community to bring about change to those who need it the most. Improving living standards in developing countries, advocating for equal rights, and protecting the environment are among our core values. Dein Anteil upholds the highest ethical and legal standards and considers the protection of user assets its most critical mission.

Co-Founder, Development Team Lead
Co-Founder, CTO

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Dear investors and visitors, as you all may know, traditional real estate has long been obsolete in moral terms: the great risk of being deceived, inflation, opacity. Dein Anteil solves all these problems with the help of tokenized real estate!

Every day the team Dein Anteil makes all the big steps in the promotion ICO, study the real estate market, improving the platform, thank you for what you believe in us! #btc #blockchain #tokensale #bounty #whitepaper #eth #ethereum #deinanteil #airdrop #airdropalert #realestate

As you may know, Dein Anteil is going to revolutionize real estate, buy tokens now to buy real estate all over the world https://deinanteil.com/dashboard/

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Цена170.9500 USDПродажа300,000,000Способ оплатыBTC, ETH, ZEC, DASH
Минимальная инвестиция8.5 USDРаспределение60%СобраноN/A
Софт-кап10,000,000 USDХард-кап50,000,000 USD